Thursday, October 6th

That day we did some cool stuff like attaching the motors to the drive base. We also cut some PVC pipe with a giant scary saw. (It’s called a hack saw and it looks like this ->)Image result for hacksaw


We also did some engineering notebook/marketing stuff. I wasn’t in charge of that so I don’t know what happened. (This is where other people will insert information)

Today (10/7) we hope to attach the battery and skidder to the base. We will also (this is where other people will insert information).

Monday, October 3rd, 2016

Today we attached one of the wheels to the steel squares. We tested the wheel and made sure it spun (it did). We also came up with a final castor/skid design and wrote a song. (See the Fun page)


During the next meeting we will hopefully finish attaching the wheel to the square assembly and attach the motors to the base. We will also finish up the skidder and maybe attach it to the base. Lastly, we will finalize our song and add more verses.

Meeting 9/24/16

Okay team, can you start posting here so I don’t have to do it always? Anyways, today we brought in models of our test ideas for our bins and narrowed it down to 2 styles: Alex’s spinning thing and mine/Chatur’s split container. However, we agreed that our bin will be sloped somehow. Then we looked at our parts and decided to start brainstorming the arm.