Our Team

Welcome to the team, our little squadron. We’re all odd and unusual, but you’ll soon learn to like us.

The Kealing Robotics team is made up of all very different students who strive to create and inspire new opportunities through technology.

We are a rookie middle school team. Our team is made up of all middle school grade levels from 6th graders to 8th graders. We as a team come from different backgrounds and ethnicity. We are considered a minority team.

Our team members have a range of interests in all different fields. We enjoy swimming, orchestra, running, theater, Science Olympiad, band and so much more. Our B.E.S.T Robotics team also has a large parent network and we work closely with our mentors the Westwood team. Our parents and mentors act as our support system and sponsors. They also offer us guidance and teach us. In all, the Kealing Robotics team is a bright group of hard working individuals with great potential.

  • Sohail~ is the one of our marketers, comedian, and wizard.
  • Tushar~ is the lead programmer, and mage.
  • Karma~ our skilled marketing leader and strategist. She is also our keeper of order.
  • Alex~ our lead engineer, and warlock.
  • Anya~ is the 2nd main programmer, and night elf.
  • Kashvi~ our recorder and author of the engineering notebook.
  • Chatur~ one of our prized programmers.
  • Nathan~ our second author of the engineering notebook, and healer.
  • William~ 
  • Ryan~ is the logo designer, and a troll.
  • Nayan~ A marketer and a betrayer according to all people in life.
  • Wyatt~ the new guy.