2016 Challenge

This year’s challenge is called Bet the Farm.

This year’s challenge is farm related. To earn points you can take corn (paint rollers) off of their stalks and drop them off at your personal bin (20 points) or in the community bin (5 points). You can also take small rubber pigs and place them in their corral (10 points) and feed them one piece of corn (10 points). You can also earn points by harvesting tomatoes (whiffle balls, 20 points) and/or lettuce (bath loofahs, 15 points). To earn more points you can plant corn seeds (golf balls, 10 points). And receive a bonus for each corn harvested and seed planted (30 points). And lastly you can turn a water valve to its optimal position (100 points), or to the under watered and over watered position (50 points).