What is B.E.S.T?

About B.E.S.T: B.E.S.T is a robotic tournament that is hosted annually to see who is the “best” in robotics, teamwork, advertisement, and community outreach. It stands for Boosting Engineering, Science, and Technology. BEST is a non-profit corporation that focuses on teaching people the importance of robotics.

Robotics Event: The event this year is called “Bet the Farm.” The specifics for the game have not been released yet, but when it is, we will post the reveal soon. That will be posted over here, and in the meantime, you can see the teaser here.

Teamwork: Teamwork is very important in BEST. BEST is a team vs. team competition, and everyone needs to work together to win. If you don’t have teamwork, your team is a dysfunctional machine that won’t get things done. However, if your team works well together, you will get things done efficiently. You will brainstorm and spread ideas faster, working on each other’s ideas.


Community Outreach: The BEST website can be found here. BEST annually hosts tournaments of robotics competitions. BEST sometimes has New Hub Workshops, where students get to work on robotics. BEST encourages robotics specialty groups to create robotics workshops for students.


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